Aviation I

Grade: 11,12 • Full Year • 1 credit • Online

This is the entry level course to prepare students for employment in the aviation industry. The course covers fundamentals of flight, flight operations, aviation weather, performance and navigation. The course also explores careers in air traffic control, flight dispatching and airport management. Units of instruction include: safety of flight, airport layout, aeronautical charts, radar, radio procedures, airplane power plant, aerodynamics, weather patterns and hazards. Emphasis on applied academics in math and science are integrated throughout the curriculum along with decision-making principles as it applies to flight-related factors

Aviation II

Grade: 12 • Full Year • 1 credit • Online
Prerequisite: Aviation I

Students will be preparing to pass the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) private pilot written exam. This course will cover advanced flight topics as well as expanding topics covered in Aviation I to an advanced level. An Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) will also be included.

NEW! Introduction to Drones (17814)

Grade: 11, 12 • 0.5 Credit • Fall Semester • Online & Learning Days
Prerequisite: Aviation I

This course is a prerequisite course to the Drones I course, teaching students a basic understanding of recreational and commercial unmanned aircraft (Drones). They will identify the responsibility and authority of the remote PIC, discuss rules of operation, and understand the significance of airspace Classes B, C, D, E, and G as they pertain to UAS drones. Students will additionally be able to identify special-use airspace where UAS usage may be prohibited, understand weather and how it affects flight of UAS, understand general loading and performance data, and airport operations. When students complete this course, they will have a general understanding and knowledge of the operation and uses of UAS as they pertain to the world of Aviation. Intro to Drones will prepare students for the opportunity to take and successfully complete the Part 107 industry testing for basic certification.

NEW! Drones I (17814)

Grade: 12 • 0.5 Credit • Spring Semester • Online & Learning Days
Prerequisite: Aviation I AND Intro to Drones

The Drones I course will more deeply emphasize prior content knowledge learned throughout the Intro to Drones prerequisite course and the Part 107 certification. Students will not only be expected to learn and retain previous content but will be given multiple hands-on learning opportunities to fly drones and apply the content knowledge, uses, and/or limitations of unmanned aircraft.