Family and Consumer Science I

Grade: 9-12 • Full Year • 1 credit • Online+Learning Days

This exploratory course is highly recommended for students as an introduction to the other Family and Consumer Science (FACS) courses offered. Students will learn about necessary everyday life skills they can use today and in their future. It includes basic information and discussion on each topic of FACS. Main concepts provided throughout the course will include the basic understanding of the purpose of family and care of children, dating and teen parenting, communication and goals, nutrition and wellness, personal finance, and clothing care and construction. Hands-on projects during the course may include: cross-stitching, hand sewing, balancing finances, food prep and nutrition, and caring for a Real Care baby.


Grade: 10-12 • Fall Semester • 0.5 credit • Online+ Learning Days

Designed for both males and females, this course will prepare you for what is probably the most important job you will ever have, that of being a parent. This course will help you develop positive attitudes, realistic expectations and effective skills for parenting. Pregnancy, parenting roles of fathers and mothers, financial impact of a child and other parenting concerns are emphasized in this class. You will get to practice being a parent by taking home a “RealCare” baby for a period of 2-4 days.

Independent Living

Grade: 10-12 • Fall/Spring Semester • 0.5 credit • Online+Learning Days

For a student who is looking forward to being on his/ her own, taking this course will help you avoid some common problems. Finding and keeping a job you enjoy, handling your money wisely, securing housing, choosing a roommate, making healthy food decisions, and maintaining your personal possessions are topics covered in this class.

Child Development

Grade: 10-12 • Spring Semester • 0.5 credit • Online+ Learning Days

Popular among students who want to learn more about children. This is a great class for anyone who expects to become a parent or plans to work with children. Students will put into practice what child development experts know will help children be happy, stay safe, and reach their full potential. Students will get an opportunity to practice caring for a child by taking home a RealCare baby for a period of 2-4 days.

Family Living

Grade: 10-12 • Spring Semester • 0.5 credit • Online+Learning Days

Every one of us is a part of a family and each family is different. Many students will be forming their own new families before too long. This course is about how families function and they have changed over time. The value of healthy families, not only to the individual family members but to society as a whole, is the primary focus of this class. Learn what contributes to a stable and meaningful family.

NEW! Exploring the Teaching Profession

Grade: 10-12 • Full Year • 1 credit • Online+Learning Days

This course will give students who are interested in becoming teachers a running start into the profession. The course will expose students to, and provide firsthand experiences in the duties of a teacher including, classroom management, student behavior, leadership and human relations skills, assessment of student progress, teaching strategies, and various career opportunities in the field of education. *Schools may be required to purchase applicable course materials (approximately $50 or less per student).

NEW! Housing and Interior Design

Grade: 10-12 • Fall Semester • 0.5 credit • Online+Learning Days

The learning experiences in this course are planned to help the students recognize family needs and values as they pertain to housing. Students will evaluate factors for selecting and financing housing, furnishings and appliances. The design your dream home final project is a way for students to use their learned knowledge of color, furnishings and design. Other topics covered are floor plans, historic housing styles and housing related careers. The course is an exciting, yet time intensive project-based curriculum. Schools and/or students will need to purchase additional materials/supplies for enrolled students in this course (approx. cost per student: $30-50).