Introduction to Information Technology

Grade: 9-12 • Fall Semester • 0.5 credit • Online + Learning Days

This exploratory level course provides an exposure to careers and issues in Information Technology. Units prepare students for the industry recognized “Internet and Computing Core Certification” (IC3).This globally recognized certification provides students with the foundation of knowledge needed to excel in fields that involve computers and the Internet. The IC3 Global Standard 3 reflects the most relevant skills for school and business today including: Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications, and Living Online.

IT Essentials – PC Hardware and Operating

Grade: 9-12 • Spring Semester • 0.5 credit • Online + Learning Days
Prerequisite – Introduction to Information Technology

Dual Credit is available through BSC – for grades 10-12. This course presents an in-depth exposure to computer hardware and operating systems. Students learn how hardware and software components work as well as suggested best practices in maintenance and safety issues. Through hands-on activities and labs, students learn how to physically take apart, assemble, and configure a computer, install operating systems and software, and troubleshoot hardware and software problems. In addition, an introduction to networking is included. This course prepares students for Comp TIA’s “A+” certification and/or Comp TIA’s “IT Fundamentals” certification exams.

NEW! Introduction to Cybersecurity

Grade: 10-12 • Fall Semester • 0.5 credit • Online + Learning Days

As our world becomes increasingly dependent on technology, cybersecurity is a topic of growing importance. It is crucial that companies and individuals take precautions to protect themselves from the growing threat of cyber-attacks. This course prepares students with beginning knowledge and crucial skills to be responsible citizens in a digital future. Within this course, students will learn foundational cybersecurity topics including digital citizenship and cyber-hygiene, the basics of writing and solving codes, software security, networking fundamentals, and basic system administration. Although this is not a coding-intensive course, students will learn basic SQL, and will utilize basic HTML and JavaScript within specific contexts and will be provided supports within those contexts. Students will complete projects at the end of each module, with a culminating course project where they will complete a simulated cybersecurity hacking experience.


Grade: 10-12 • Spring Semester • 0.5 credit • Online+Learning Days
Prerequisite-Intro to Cybersecurity

Dual credit is available through BSC – for grades 10-12. Cybersecurity is becoming a major concern for any business that uses the Internet for any part of their business. This course will introduce students to best practices businesses use to protect their information as well as techniques individuals can use to protect themselves using social media. Identification of cybercrime, security principles, technologies and security principles to defend networks will be covered and build skills and knowledge for students to pursue careers in cybersecurity

NEW! Coding with Python

Grade: 10-12 • Fall Semester • 0.5 credit • Online +Learning Days

Dual credit is available through BSC. This course is an on-line hands-on course in computer programming using visual basic. The students will develop good problem solving and programming skills while performing several hands-on labs and assignments including gaming. Topics covered include; procedures, mathematical and business functions, arrays and structures, color, sound, and graphics, creating classes, using files, sorting and searching.

NEW! Coding with JAVA

Grade: 10-12 • Spring Semester • 0.5 credit • Online+Learning Days

This course will provide students with a solid base for understanding the main concepts of programming languages. Students will be introduced to the JAVA programming language and complete projects utilizing programming concepts, variables, constants, decision structures and looping structures.

NEW! Video Game Design

Grade: 9-12 • Full Year • 1 credit • Online+Learning Days
*Completion of Coding with Python and/or Java is strongly recommended.

The course teaches the foundations of creating video games in JavaScript. The course utilizes a blended classroom approach. The content is fully web-based, with student’s writing and running code on-line with teachers utilizing other tools and resources such as on-line videoconferencing to give focused 1-on1 attention to students. Each unit of the course is broken down into lessons consisting of various resources, example programs to explore, and written programming exercises, adding up to over 100 hours of hands-on video game programming practice in total!

Introduction to Networking

Grade: 9-12 • Fall or Spring Semester • 0.5 credit • Online + Learning Days

This course teaches the basics of networking. It covers how devices work together on a network, network addressing and network services, how to build a home network and design basic security, the basics of configuring Cisco devices, as well as testing and troubleshooting network problems.

Network Fundamentals I

Grade: 10-12 • Full Year • 1 credit • Online +Learning Days

Dual Credit is available through Bismarck State College. Network Fundamentals I covers networking architecture, structure, and functions. The course introduces the principles and structure of IP addressing and the fundamentals of Ethernet concepts, media, and operations to provide a foundation toward a career in networking. Students will be able to design an IP addressing structure to provide network connectivity for a small to medium-sized business network, form initial settings on a network device, and implement basic network connectivity between devices.