Grade: 10-12 • Full Year • 1 credit • Online+ Learning Days

This course develops student understanding and skills in such areas as channel management, marketing- information management, market planning, pricing, product/service management, promotion, and selling. Focus will be on the marketing mix, including products, promotion, pricing, and distribution. Through the use of projects and on-line simulations, students acquire an understanding and appreciation of marketing activities. Current technology will be used to acquire information and to complete the projects. Throughout the course, students are presented problem-solving situations for which they must apply academic and critical-thinking skills.

Principles of Finance

Grade: 9-12 • Fall Semester • 0.5 credit • Online + Learning Days

Principles of Finance expands student understanding of finance. Students develop their knowledge and skills in such areas as business law, communication skills, compliance, customer relations, economics, financial analysis, financial-information management, human resources management, marketing, professional development, and selling. Emphasis is placed on the analysis and purchase of securities and investments, as well as the need for effective customer relationship management and information management in finance. Principles of Finance is an entry level course in The Business Administration Program of Study for Marketing Education.

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Grade: 10-12 • Fall Semester • 0.5 credit • Online + Learning Days

This course introduces students to marketing occupations in the area of sports and entertainment. Take a look at the exciting and dynamic field of sports and entertainment marketing. One of the largest industries in the world, sport marketing provides a unique way of looking at the business world. This course will focus on the two main aspects of sports and entertainment marketing: 1) The marketing of sports and entertainment, and 2) The marketing of non-sports products and services through sports. You will discover why companies pay to be associated with a team or entertainer; how to develop ticket plans to fill the seats in the arena; why targeting your marketing efforts is so important; and more.

Social Media Marketing

Grade: 9-12 • Spring Semester • 0.5 credit • Online +Learning Days

Social Media Marketing presents the use of online social networking as a business strategy designed to increase customer loyalty and inquiry conversion. Students will study major social media channels and marketing campaign techniques, and evaluate contemporary and emerging tools in the digital marketplace including social bookmarking and techniques to drive social media traffic. Analyses of social media effectiveness will also be explored. Social Media Marketing is an entry level course in The Business Administration Program of Study for Marketing Education.

Principles of Entrepreneurship

Grade: 9-12 • Spring Semester • 0.5 credit • Online + Learning Days

Have you ever thought of owning your own business? This is a marketing course that introduces students to a wide array of entrepreneurial concepts and skills. Students will develop an appreciation for marketing’s role in the development and success of a new business. Students conduct thorough market planning for their ventures: selecting target markets; conducting market, SWOT, and competitive analyses; forecasting sales; setting marketing goals and objectives; selecting marketing metrics; and setting a marketing budget. The capstone activity in the course is the development of detailed marketing plans for students’ start-up businesses.